img_20160724_123541Okay. So there are going to be days when everything in this world will seem out of place. Erratic. Nothing would make sense. You will feel that you are oblivious about everything going around you. Might even have anxiety attacks. But sweetheart, all of it is ephemeral. Remember, this world is selcouth: strange, unfamiliar, rare, and yet marvellous. You have to make your way through this very world. You might lose yourself in the labyrinth of your own thoughts. Because these thoughts are confusing. But do not ever sink into the pitcher of negative thought, of the feeling that “I can’t do it”. Be valiant enought to stand up for yourself against yourself who keeps giving you nerve wracking ordeals. You can be the hero of your story. Or you can be the villian. Up to. So rather than self loathing and stressing out, live the best way you can.