I Am Gone.


What are you going to do now that I am gone? The girl whom you had taken for granted has gone away. The girl who loved you with all that she had: her heart, her soul. The one who stayed awake the whole night waiting for you to come home. I used to wonder back then where you had gone. I dont wonder now. The one who would make you dinner and would drink beer with you. The one who would keep up with all your shit. The one with whom you would fuck around. The one who would be down on her knees whenever you wanted.

But baby, I aint that girl anymore.

You cant call me sweetheart because I aint sweet anymore. Your lies have made me bitter and stronger. 

You cant call me your sweetheart anymore because I aint sweet anymore. I am that badass bitch from hell with whom, believe me,you dont wanna mess.

You cant call me sweetheart anymore because I aint sweet anymore. Lets be honest, we never had eachothers heart because what we had was built on the mountain of unfaithfullness.

You cant call me sweetheart anymore because, I am not your anymore.

So buckle up for the roller coaster ride baby. Its now your turn to stay awake all night and wonder where have I gone.


The Cool Girl

She is a cool girl.
That type of cool that guys love hanging out with. That type with whom guys are comfortable with. That type who swears alot. That type who can talk about porn with no shame. That type who can drink and smoke. That type who breaks jaws and kicks in the balls. That type who never cries.
And also, that type with whom guys will never fall in love with.
Why? Because she is too fucking good to lose. You cant date this type of girl and risk losing her. You make this type of girl your best friend. Your wing man. Your 3 a.m in the morning salvation girl. Your I-am-in-love-with-this-girl-tell-me-what-to-do kind of girl. She is your backup plan. But not your primary plan.
And you think she is emotionless and cold hearted and that she cant fall for guys. That she had had her heart broken long ago and now she is uncapable of loving and feeling anything. That she is  immune to any touch; physical or emotional.
But who knew that this cool girl loves to fall in love. This cool girl is a die hard romantic. This cool girl will chose to watch The Notebook over Avengers whenever everytime. This cool girl cries alot. That this cool girl had had her heart broken but the new one is stronger and ready to fall again.
But whatever.
She is a cool girl.